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Critter Cubes? A good food for ratties?

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I'm acquiring some rats soon and the person I'm getting them from feeds them Critter Cubes. I can't seem to find much about them on the internet but the guy that I'm getting the rats from says they're excellent. He also said that it was general food cubes for small animals.
I just want to know if anyone's heard anything about them? Are they okay to use on their own or should they be mixed with something else to make it better.
I'm not really sure =\
Some help would be nice.
And if this isn't any good any suggestions on what I can add to it or use instead?
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Critter Cubes are from Sunseed? They are considered a bad food ranking up there with Kaytee products but still above seed mixes.

If you have a PetSmart nearby they sell Mazuri lab blocks there which ARE good. :)
Hagen Nutri-blocks aren't bad either. BUT if you are going to order its best to get Harlan Teklad from Kim's Ark Rescue, I believe its a dollar per pound plus shipping and is a complete diet for rats. They might take paypal as well.
Harlan Teklad 2018 is the best all around diet for your average rat.

There is another alternative, a diet you buy and mix yourself called Suebee's Mix, but you have to find the right dog kibble for it, otherwise it defeats the purpose.

A woman named Suebee created it as a balanced diet, she is also a moderator on the Goosemoose forums.
Leala said:
Thanks a lot =).
Is that fist store you mentioned from Canada or the United States. It could get a little crazy if it's not from Canada.

I wouldn't mind using Suebee's mix but I can't get all of the ingredients. Such as the Total cereal.
I'll e-mail her about it and see what other options there are.

Edit: Upon further inspection there's no e-mail option >_<
Ahh silly me, didn't notice you are from NFLD. I will PM a friend who lives in NB and see if she knows of anywhere local to pick up labblocks.

About the total, I was told to crush up a multi-vitamin (child's?) and sprinkle it on. If you would like I will PM Suebee for you? I am on Goosemoose and I also know her.
Just did a search and found a thread called "Good Alternatives to Total Cereal?"

I use Debbie Ducommon's molasses mix recipe and her diet menu. You can find it at http://www.ratfanclub.org/diet.html
She has Total cereal in her molasses mix and it says if Total cereal is unavailable you?ll need to grind up a child's chewable vitamin/mineral tablet (be sure it contains minerals, and not just vitamins), for children 2-4 years, and add to the molasses mix recipe. I would think you could add the childrens vitamins to whatever your feeding them.
Are these Sunseed Critter Cubes? If they are they are considered crap. Along with Kaytee. Sorry, so no healthy diet there. :roll:
Google "Suebee's Mix". She created a mix you can make yourself to feed your rats.

No petstores at all?
1 - 6 of 19 Posts
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