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Curls his tail?

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I rescued a rat a few days ago and I've noticed something odd about him. He curls his tail a lot. Even when I had him outside of his cage, free to roam the bathroom. I dont have any pictures of him, so yay paint program.

I've never seen a rat do this before, so I thought it was maybe he grew up in a small cage? I don't know what kind of cage he lived in originally.
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kkdepp said:
My roll around ball is very large....I got either the largest or close to the largest one they had. He fits really well in it and has a lot of space...He can walk around a bit in it and it won't roll because it's very large.

I'm actually pretty new to rats and I am definately not an expert so anything you guys can tell me really helps. My rat might be too big for it when he is older , but right now I think it works for him.
Heh. All my boys absolutely HATE those things. They're terrified of them.

So I took the one we have and put washclothes in it and hung it in the cage... It's now a hidey bed. :)
The roll around balls? They make a good bed.
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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