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I recently had shoulder surgery and got to stay home with my girls for a month while I recovered. It was great because they seemed to get on my schedule for the most part, waking up in the morning when I did, and staying awake a good part of the day. I got to play with them a lot and bond with them and it was awesome!

But now I've had to return to work. I've been back for two weeks and already my girls have completely switched up their days and nights so that they sleep all day and are ready to go about 10pm when I'm going to bed. I was so bummed over the weekend because I thought maybe they'd get up since I was home but they didn't. They literally slept all day! I finally went and woke them up for some playtime. I put them in the carrier and took them to my bedroom where I had setup a fun play area for them. It was new for them too so I thought they'd be excited. They got out, sniffed around, then climbed back into the carrier and snuggled up with each other to finish their nap.

It has gotten almost impossible to get any playtime in with them since our schedules are so screwed up now. It wasn't like this before my surgery. They're only 5 mths old, surely they're not getting lazy this young. I don't know what to do short of staying up all night to play with them.
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