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Death Of A Sweetheart

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Hey all.

Well i know a fair amount about rats, but i just would like to know if any of you have some solutions to my question.

My pet rat had a long life but when he died it was so sudden, it wasn't the normal rat deaths were you will prbably find your rat cold in His/Her cage.

I remeber my rat was just lieing on my lap when he suddenly jerked upright, then went all floppy, but slightly still moving, i was stunned and tried to awaken him but he was so still but breathing slower and slower until his heart stopped... it is a horrble memory but i would really like to know what could have casued this sudden death. :cry:

Anyone have any idea??

Thanks :)

Rose x
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i'd agree with the possibilities so far, and in that case, there was nothing you could have done except be there for him, so at least you were there. :( might have been hard for you, but it was the last thing ever for him. maybe with some more random details we could know better. poor thing.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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