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Debating a cage.

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I am having a great debate about purchasing another rat cage and have a question or two.

I've decided that I am not interested in Martin's cages, after a lot of research on them and looking at a lot of pictures. I find that their black powder coating and general design makes them look crowded and dark.

I am interested in a Ferret Nation (141), although it concerns me that the wire spacing is too large for small rats. I dislike the idea of having to have a second cage for smaller rats. Does anyone know if the cage can be removed from the wheel base to lay flat on the floor?

I am more interested, right now, in a cage similar to OhBugger's:

Reason being is that at the moment, I am a soon to be student who will be staying in college residence which forbids cages that are too large. Does anyone know the name of this cage or can someone recommend similar brands? Be advised that I live in Canada (which seems to have a distinct lack of suitable cages...) and I have no more than 2 rats at a time.

Any input and advice welcome. :)

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You want the wheels on there with the FN. You'll get stuff under and behind it, makes it much easier to move and vacuum or whatever.
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