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The Travelin' Rat's December 2014 Rescue of the Month is Philly Rat Rescue from Philadelphia, PA!

Philly Rat Rescue:
Sole missions: A) To rescue homeless/abandoned rats from private individuals, especially those advertising rats "free as pet or snake food" on Craigslist; B) To educate the public about the proper care of pet rats, hopefully dispelling prejudices about rats along the way! C) To advocate for the well-being of domestic rats everywhere, and D) To serve as a referral resource for the times when we have no room to take new rats in, so that no homeless rat is left with no safe place to be taken to.

We are a small, private rat rescue, and operate as a system of foster homes in the Philadelphia/South/Central NJ areas, with one central administrative location in the City of Philadelphia. For day-to-day minor operating expenses, our members contribute their own finances and supplies. For veterinary care, we solicit donations from friends and supporters. Please note that we do not as of yet have 501 (c) (3) status which means your cash donations are not deductible for income tax purposes.

**PLEASE NOTE**: We only take rats in from Craigslist/Freecycle situations, abandonment/abuse situations, and from other private individuals. We generally do not take unsold rats from pet stores, large hoarding situations, or shelters, and we cannot take in other large numbers of rats due to space, volunteer and cage limitations. We take in single and paired rats, with groups of 3 being the maximum at the present time. If we have room, extra foster moms and extra cages, we may make exceptions, but these are our general rules.

We also sponsor the St. Francis Rat Sanctuary for elderly/very ill/disabled rats.

Adoptable pets from Philly Rat Rescue and St. Francis Rat Sanctuary can be found here:

"Like" Philly Rat Rescue on Facebook!

You can help Philly Rat Rescue this month by supporting them through one of their fundraisers:

Rat Attack Team Hammocks:
20% of sales in December will be donated to Philly Rat Rescue:

Tastefully Simple:

Have you tried their beer bread? Now in multigrain!

Rat "Butter" Cookies!
These yummy cookies will come in a 12 pack including a variety of black, blue, agouti, PEW, and hairless.
Some of you may recall these cookies from a few years back. These are the same buttercookies, except there is a vegan egg replacer and vegan butter (non-soy based). Please don't let that scare you- read the opinions of some of the taste-testers. Their main complaint is that they did not get enough to test!

Gift cards:
If you are interested in purchasing any gift cards from The Travelin' Rat and having them sent to Philly Rat Rescue, information can be found here:

And if you can't/don't want to buy anything, ANY donation amount is appreciated:

Because Philly Rat Rescue is not a 501(c)(3) approved rescue, we can only help them by setting up and promoting fundraisers. Any items sold from The Travelin' Rat's web store, Etsy store, or Zazzle store during the month of December will go to The Travelin' Rat.

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