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Well, as I posted on my other thread, my 15 month old Devi passed away. Most people around me just think "Oh well, it's just a rat." but boy, did she have character. Part of me is relieved since her 3 month fight against her pneumonia. I think the rounds of antibiotics were getting to be too much for the both of us. The other part of me is upset I didn't see it sooner since she was always hiding away somewhere. Not too mention, she looked like she was getting better. She wasn't gasping as often or as long; she wasn't chirping or clicking anymore; and her abdominal breathing looked to be easing up. She was still thin, but she started to feel a little less fragile in the hand.
She wasn't my heart rat nor a favorite, but I'm still upset over it. Let me be clear, she had a personality befitting her name.She was a grump and didn't like to play. But she would do anything to get what she wanted, like an apple cinnamon baby puff. She hid when new people came about because they were too noisy for her, but she always perked up at her name. She was a sassy little thing who didn't come when called because something else interested her. She stared at me while chewing a wire while I called her name, offered her yummy treats, and moved to cage to grab her and I should know that. She boxed my hands when I tried to get her to wrestle with me and looked at me with a reprimand; she was above that afterall.
So even though she wasn't a favorite or a heart rat, I'm still going to miss seeing her head eagerly poke out of her space pod (because she claimed that as hers) when I call her name. I'm still counting for 7 rats when I close the cage; and I still get that panicked skip of a heartbeat when I only count 6. RIP you bratty little grump.
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