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Is my future feeding schedule meeting all of the nutritional requirements?

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Hello! I am planning to change my rats feeding schedule. Does this look good?

(Dry food is a mix of oxbow, mazuri, oxbow garden select, and science selective)

Monday: Veggies
Tuesday: Dry Food Only
Wednesday: Fruits
Thursday: Dry Food Only
Friday: Veggies
Saturday: Dry Food Only
Sunday: Scrambled Eggs

What do you guys feed your rats? I just want to make sure I鈥檓 feeding them the best diet possible! Thank you and have a great day! 馃悁馃挍

Please let me know if I can improve anything! I鈥檓 open to any questions and advice!!
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I agree, I would give them access to their pellet every day. You can give them a little bit of vegetable or egg or whatever in addition to the pellets on different days.
The 20 lb bags are great if you have a larger mischief! That's what I buy when I have 5 or more rats.

Dry food doesn't stay fresh forever, though. I try not to purchase more than a couple months supply of food at a time (a little more if it can be stored in the freezer). Once the bag has been opened, dry food will start to lose nutrients, go stale, or even go bad. If you only have 2 or 3 rats, a 20 lb bag of food will last 7 to 10 months. Imagine eating a bowl of 10 month old Cheerios.

The smaller bags of Oxbow end up costing a little more per pound but I think it's worth it to provide healthy, fresh food. If you do the math, it only ends up costing a dollar or two more a month per rat to purchase the smaller bags.
Nevermind, I was wildly off. I don't get 20lb, I get 3lb :ROFLMAO:

Chewy sells a 20 lb bag of the Essentials Adult food which is probably more cost effective than a small 3 lb or 6 lb bag if you have multiple rats.
When did they start selling 6 lb bags?! That's sorta perfect.

I've noticed that my local PetSmart often has a "buy one get the second one half-off" sales on the 3 lb bags and that makes the price per lb pretty nice!
1 - 3 of 15 Posts