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Difficutly finding a decent cage, please help.

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I've been scouring the Internet and bombarding my local pet store with questions, but I can't find a cage made locally that would not kill me with duties and shipping. I need help, I live in Canada and it seems like nothing is here, I have no way of making it into a big city pet store like Petsmart or anything that might have something like a FN.

I am seriously considering buying a Parrot cage and just renovating the **** out of it but they are around 200$ each or up. The pet store here has something like a “My first Cage” however the wires seem large and I am not sure how I feel about the plastic floors, as I have set up one cage like it before and seen how annoying they are to remove and pop back in.

I’d like a cage that has easy access that is relatively easy to clean. Does any one have any recommendations that would be easily available to Canadian citizens, thank you.
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I believe I saw that, the wood with plaid cover, right ;D
It looks really good if that's the one, I think I may go to the hardware store and see if I can find some good wire and just do that too. It seems like a cheap path to take thanks for the reply.

and on a side note; you're girls sure are cuties, what are their names?
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