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Digging/Nesting/Snuggle box?

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How could I make a digging/nesting/snuggle box? I saw in someone cage that they had an old soda box with crinkled paper in it. Is this safe? I want to make something safe and fun to put into the girl's cage.
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I made a digging/nesting box once, but it was rather large and for their play area, not the cage. I bought a small, short plastic laundry hamper and filled it with hand towels and rags that I bought from the dollar store, paper towels, toilet paper and other stuff to give a lot of different textures.

The rats loved it. I buried some peas the first time I introduced them to it and they dove right in and had a blast.

Ooh, and... oven mits. Seriously, they love 'em.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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