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I took Splinter to the vets today with a suspected URI but turns out hes actually got fluid on his lungs and a possible heart murmur (he wouldnt sit still long enough to be 100% sure)... he is totally fine in himself luckily but he stared making guinea-pig sounds a few days ago and last night i could hear his snuffly breathing when i did the "rat phone", although it mostly seems to flar up during play time.

Is the diuretic to treat the fluid in the lungs or the heart murmur, or both? Google says it helps to remove fluid from the body (suggesting the fluid in the lungs) but also says about opening up vessels and stuff (possibly the heart murmur?) although i was always under the impression that there wasnt alot that can be done about heart murmurs?

Also how serious do heart murmurs tend to be? The vet didnt seem overly concerned and i know alot of people and animals live perfectly normal lives with heart murmurs, is this the same for rats?


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