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Should I get another rat?

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  • Wait and See if Roxy is sick

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My beautiful Honey aged 4 months old passed away from a respiratory infection yesterday. Her half sister passed away 3 weeks ago aged 8 weeks, also from the respiratory infection which I believe she caught from Honey, but succumbed earlier.

Now 3 weeks ago I got another girl to be friends with Honey, Roxy who is 3 months old and now by herself.

I plan to wait at least 1 month as she is not showing any signs of illness. But want to be sure she isn't sick then go to a proper breeder (Roxy is a pet store baby)

The 2 girls which passed I got from a newbie breeder who kept them outside. So I do believe it is just bad luck, as I had a rat when I was yonger which lived 2 years.

I like keeping rats, so don't want to give Roxy up and don't want her to be alone for her entire life.

Should I get a friend for her?
How can I know whether or not she caught the illness from Honey?
I did see some porphyrin splatter on the tissue in her hammock this morning, so I'm not sure if that means she is sick too.
I haven't heard her sneezing or seen any discharge on her.

I'm just not sure what to do
As I lost 2 beautiful rats so soon and close together I'm not sure I can take the heartbreak ❤

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I'd recommend reading up on quarantine procedure before getting more rats. You should definitely get Roxy another friend or two, but it's important to follow proper quarantine before doing introductions.
It's hard to say whether your rats who died had viral infections (which are contagious) or if it was just mycoplasma infection (not contagious). If they were kept outside they could have been exposed to wild rats carrying viruses.

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Agree with the other commenters: quarantine, research, then adopt a friend. I'll attach an image of a book with a great section on rat health. It's available at a lot of libraries.
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