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Should I get another rat?

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  • Wait and See if Roxy is sick

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My beautiful Honey aged 4 months old passed away from a respiratory infection yesterday. Her half sister passed away 3 weeks ago aged 8 weeks, also from the respiratory infection which I believe she caught from Honey, but succumbed earlier.

Now 3 weeks ago I got another girl to be friends with Honey, Roxy who is 3 months old and now by herself.

I plan to wait at least 1 month as she is not showing any signs of illness. But want to be sure she isn't sick then go to a proper breeder (Roxy is a pet store baby)

The 2 girls which passed I got from a newbie breeder who kept them outside. So I do believe it is just bad luck, as I had a rat when I was yonger which lived 2 years.

I like keeping rats, so don't want to give Roxy up and don't want her to be alone for her entire life.

Should I get a friend for her?
How can I know whether or not she caught the illness from Honey?
I did see some porphyrin splatter on the tissue in her hammock this morning, so I'm not sure if that means she is sick too.
I haven't heard her sneezing or seen any discharge on her.

I'm just not sure what to do
As I lost 2 beautiful rats so soon and close together I'm not sure I can take the heartbreak ❤
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