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Hi everyone. I'm new here, and a second-time rat owner of two 4 month old males. I have some questions I'd like to ask you lovely people... Sorry for the long post >.< ♥

Some basic facts: I use fleece and old socks for bedding. I give them Booster dietary supplement daily (or try to). I feed them Oxbow rat food with veggies/fruits.

I noticed that my Oxnard has a front nail that looks like it lifted, it's a bit bloody around the base. and I noticed that some of his back toenails (more than one!) look like the nail is being shed, or some even look ragged.

What the heck happened? This happened overnight and I noticed it early today.

Ontop of this, he had a fit of wheezy audible breathing earlier too... a 'myco fit'. He was sitting in the corner of his cage with his eyes open wheezing, seemed to have a hard time breathing properly... He sounded very rattly. It was unnerving to see him go through this :(

He does have myco, and sometimes him and his brother have audible breathing while they sleep that sounds a lot like it, but nothing like this has happened before while he was awake that I know of. He was completely healthy yesterday and the day before, playing around and etc. He is still drinking, hasn't eaten much to my knowledge, but mostly just wants to sleep.

I picked him up out of his cage and held him in a fuzzy old sweater of mine to try to calm him down when it happened. The wheezing stopped, but then he poo'd on my sweater and I noticed that there was whiteish mucous-like stuff in it... which I've never seen before. Not that I spend a lot of time inspecting their poop but it was right on my sweater and I had to pick it up... haha

My guess is that he hurt his nail and that scared him and stressed him out, causing him to have a 'myco attack'. Should I be worried since he was healthy just a day ago? I want to hold off going to the vet as much as possible because it'll be an expensive trip, not only the high vet cost but I live ~2 hours away from the closest vet that treats rodents... I know what to look for if he gets worse and I WILL take him if he gets worse and I feel he really needs it. I called a week ago but then he made a turnaround in his health the very next day, so... gah.

So I have some questions about myco:

-If I took them to the vet and got baytril or whatever else to help, would it only work for as long as I had it, and then their symptoms would come right back?

-Are 'myco attacks' a thing? Is it similar to asthma?

-Does porphyrin mean that they are in distress? Both of my rats have a bit of porphyrin around their noses every day but act fine most of the time.

Also another question: I made them some molasses mix from the recipe I found online. The last time I fed them it, Oxnard started to act sick then too, and yesterday they had it too. Is it possible he could be allergic to something in the mix?? or is this just a coincidence... Cricket (my other rat) is fine after eating it.

Thanks so much for reading :) ♥ ♥

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They don't shed there nails, he will have caught and pulled them on something which is quite sore but should heal. probably the socks if they are the sports kind with towel type material.

In terms of the wheezing i would get that checked out at the vets. sneezing isn't a big issue but struggling for breath is abs well worth treating. I'd also put them in some echanacia to help boost there immune system
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