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I was rummaging through the dog treats isle of the pet shop looking for some nice quick and simple treats for the little guy. I came across these biscuits called:

Nature's Animals, Gourmet Select
Flavor is Peanut butter and Carob made with organic peanut butter and grains.

Gauranteed analysis:
Min. Crude protein 12.5 %
min. crude fat 6%
max crude fiber 3.5%
max moisture 9%

organic whole weat flour, organic wheat bran, organic peanut butter, carob, organic brown rice, corn oil, organic parsley,organic garlic and preserved with mixed tocopherols (source of vitamin E)

How does this sound to all who know about this topic. From what I've searched and read here on the site it seams pretty suitable.
I gave him a half and he wouldnt stop eating, so i know they must taste good. I almost tried one myself.

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I would think that the more organic ingredients a food contains the better, aside from items on the dangerous foods list.

I think you generally want to look for things that aren't overloaded with junk, fat, and sugar, and you're ok! :)

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[align=center]I have some dog biscuits and I want to ask about them.
They're peanut butter flavored and called Newman's Own Organics Premium Dog Treats.
Can my rats eat these?

Guaranteed Analysis:

Crude Protein: 11.5% min.
Crude Fat: 9.0% min.
Crude Fiber: 6.0% max
Moisture: 10.0% max


Barley Flour*, Ground Chicken*, Carrots*, Apples*, Peanut Butter, Canola oil, Rolled Oats, Natural Peanut Flour, Natural Flavor

*Certified Organic[/align]

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I forget which one i was talkin about...but both seem good in my opinion. I'm very well educated in dog treat and foods...iv researched and studied and read many books and articles nad everything on the subject. I know what ingredients on the label really are. And i know the basics of rat diet...
SO they both seem great for a dog and in small portions ok for rats.
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