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Doing up the new cage.

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I'm currently using Aspen shavings. What does everyone else use?
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I've been using terrarium liners, a lot of people seem to have good luck with them.
What are terrarium liners? I've actually been thinking this :Rats like rocks. Rocks help file nails. What if I put a puppy pad at the bottom of the cage and cover it with lava rocks?
I use a bird lava rock, because it attaches to the cage. They love it and chew it up. You should get one of those. DO NOT USE A PUPPY PAD! Rats can chew through it, and if they do, they could eat the stuff inside. They will try and shred anything that crinkles beneath them. I use CleanComfort, because it is not dusty but still soft and warm. Warmth is important as it is winter and they are in my basement.
I've made felt lining for the bedding. And by "made" I mean sewn 2 pieces together so that it's double thick.
Right now, I'm using a combo of a Care-Fresh-Like paper bedding, shredded paper bedding, and a bit of fleece. I need to get more fleece to line the shelves.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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