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Hi, I've been having some concerning trouble with one of my three rats..
I have three girls named Penelope, Ivory and Belle. Penelope is the oldest while I believe Belle is the youngest.

Penelope has been getting bullied by Belle, who is the smallest. Its been going on for almost a couple months now but its progressed to worse and I don't understand.
Belle has been quite mean to her sisters, she bites them, tackles them and force cleans their privates. Poor Penelope will be doing nothing and she'll come along, sniff her down then tackle and bite her. Penelope has gotten two bloody ears from this (that I've treated,) and I separate them every time she tackles Penelope. Every day, several times a day, I hear Penelope screaming and when I go in there, Belle is on her. She doesn't abuse Ivory too much, maybe because they're actually related? But they have all been living with each other since they were babies and everything was fine until now.
Just a couple days ago my brother noticed that Ivory and Penelope were both missing their whiskers while Belle still had hers. She bites their faces and cuts their whiskers. I noticed missing patches of fur and everything. It concerns me of why Belle is such a brute when her sisters do nothing.

But ever since I got Belle, I knew she wasn't right. I believe someone handled her wrong or maybe I didn't give her enough love at first, I was giving too much attention to the other two. But I have even dedicated entire days to playing with Belle so she would like me. Its been months and she's warmed up to me but she still doesn't like people. If you hold her, she'll squeeze and scratch your hands until she is put near her cage, she hides whenever she is out and when I give her their wheel, she aggressively runs on it like she's being chased from a monster. And she'll do that for hours. She doesn't care for treats really and she gets poofy around my other pets. Sometimes my puppy will come in to see the girls, Penelope and Ivory like going up to her and cuddling her. But Belle will get poofy and try and draw blood from my puppy (so I take my puppy out of the room and try not to let the two near each other anymore.)

Is there something I've done wrong? Should I separate Belle from her sisters because she keeps hurting them, especially Penelope? Or.. is this some kind of normal thing?
I actually hear Penelope screeching right now, I'm going to go get her.

Thanks in advance~
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