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Hi there! I've been very pleased and appreciative of all the medical resources/experience on this site, so thank you!
One of the sites I saw recommended frequently listed two medications (Doxycycline and Tetracycline) that were common usage for treating URIs and myco flare ups. I'm going to order the needed meds today from another frequently recommended source I've seen on this site, which is great.
It wold seem as though Doxy is #1 choice for simple, effective treatment. Has anyone had experience with either of those meds/advice?
I've also read different opinions about how it should be administered (water bottle is on med instructions, but I've also read in baby food, etc). I don't believe I have a scale sensitive enough to weigh them, but I'd say they're anywhere from just under a pound-a pound each. I'm terrible with math, so is there anyone who could explain proper dosage to me in simple terms, as well as share experience with how they went about administering the treatment?
I've also read varying timelines that they should be treated. What's a solid amount of time?
Here's a snapshot of the Doxy I'd be purchasing.
Thanks for any and all help!


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I am not a vet. I always suggest talking to a vet.

Doxy is like the same thing as tetra

Doxy is what is always suggested, sometimes along with baytril. They both usually work better together.

I've never seen it suggested to be given in the water bottle and I personally would not do that. You would not be able to properly dose IMO. I can't see the attachment. for some reason attachments never work for me lol

This info is from the group https://www.facebook.com/groups/RealRatLoversWantToKnow/
it is filled with experts & I 100% trust their advice.

You will need to weigh your rat. A kitchen scale can be purchased cheap like $10 at walmart. It should have a tare function and you can use a bowl or basket to weigh them in.

Doxy- this is for 100mg tabs .
You wanna mix that with 5 ml syrup mix (mix 2ml warm water with 3 ml flavored syrup strawberry works well)

Give twice a day. The timeframe is often the min of 2 weeks but up to 30 days.

This can be kept in the fridge for 3 weeks.
Dosing- by weight
1000 grams 0.5 ml
950 grams 0.47 ml
900 grams 0.45 ml
850 grams 0.42 ml
800 grams 0.4 ml
750 grams 0.37 ml
700 grams 0.35 ml
650 grams 0.33 ml
600 grams 0.3 ml
550 grams 0.27 ml
500 grams 0.25 ml
450 grams 0.23 ml
400 grams 0.2 ml
350 grams 0.17 ml
300 grams 0.15 ml
250 grams 0.13 ml
200 grams 0.1 ml

I also suggest supplementing their diet a bit with extra goodies and giving yogurt (real yogurt with live cultures) as meds can really mess up the tummy.
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