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Dwarf Rat identification

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I have had Olaf for about a month now. He is 5 months old. I tried introducing him to my other rat Sten but Olaf was hurt really badly. Thank god it was nothing so severe but he did break one of his fingers in a really bad fight. I cannot house them together and will have to get Olaf adopted.
Can anyone help me identify if he is a dwarf rat? Because he is rather small for 5 months and he was bullied even before he got here. At first i thought it could be trust issues but he hasn't really grown that much.
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He sorta looks like a baby still.
He is a little fellow, isn't he. It's difficult to say. He may be simply a very small regular Rat. I'm sorry you have to put Olaf up for adoption. Poor timid little man...😢
Well from stuff i was looking up it says that dwarf rats always kinda look like babies and have big eyes. He is so sweet with his big saucery eyes and ya he is a big sweetheart when it comes to being picked up. My girlfriend said she might be able to take him, but that the place she is living at won't allow them.
He could be. But the only way i can tell is by taking him to the vet. Which really atm i cannot afford, so i really need to figure something out with him. I will be going to Orillia soon for the weekend and my mom is taking care of them. He is really shy around my mom still and won't jump on her shoulder. So i will just tell her that she should try playing with him inside the cage and give him some homemade toys with treats inside.
He is starting to sorta chonk up. But like i have had 5 month olds before and i honestly thought they had gigantism. But with this guy no. He's is like a forever baby, all his brothers were bigger then him too
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