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The Travelin' Rat is signed up for these BUT it doesn't have to be us you help. There are a number of rat rescues that are signed up for these, so you can easily help them or us at NO extra cost to you!

Good Search
If you can switch your search engine to Good Search, your favorite charity will earn 1c per search (and that does add up over a year). Plus you can help through GoodShop, too! Look for your favorite 501(c)(3) approved charity here.

Amazon Smile
Amazon donates 0.5% of the price of your eligible AmazonSmile purchases to the charitable organization of your choice.
Look for your favorite 501(c)(3) approved charity here. (We are not signed up yet as our status still has to be updated in the IRS charity search then Guidestar.)

Shopping through iGive earns a charity a certain percentage of your purchase. This may be small but these pennies add up! Downloading the iGive button catches purchases when you don't remember or know to go through the iGive site- AND allows you to go through Ebates or Shop Discover for cashback for you! Plus, in October, your favorite charity can get a $5 bonus for all new members who sign up plus a chance to win $500 or $1000.
Look for your favorite charity here (they do not have to be 501(c)(3) approved).

iGive shoppers mean $30 - $100 a year in donations, free. This October, new supporters can mean $5 even if they don't shop.
On top of that, your members can help The Travelin' Rat win $1,000 or $500.
Everybody who joins to support The Travelin' Rat and tries the iGive Button through 1/15/15 means$5, free. That alone is exciting. But there's more.
Ask your members to spread the word about how iGive can help ANY cause or charity, The Travelin' Rat or another group they'd like to support. The member who invites the most people who join iGive and try the iGive Button will win $1,000 for his or her cause. Second and third place winners mean $500 for their causes. It doesn't matter what cause that new member chooses to help. If the member who got the most new members is supporting The Travelin' Rat, you win!
Your supporters MUST use THEIR personalized iGive Tell A Friend link to invite new members, otherwise that new member won't count towards winning.
It's easy. Send your supporters this link:
and ask them to use the personalized Tell A Friend link they'll find on that page to invite friends to join iGive. If a supporter isn't already a member of iGive, they can join (and earn The Travelin' Rat $5 when they try the iGive Button).
Your members will also be able to see how well they're doing in getting new members to join and possibly win $1,000 or $500 for The Travelin' Rat.
So, why not? Keep getting that word out so that The Travelin' Rat earns an extra $5 for new iGive members. That's in addition to the normal donation amount. There's never been a better time to ask folks to help your group, at no cost to you or to them.

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