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Egor Update & picture

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Here is a picture of Egor in my hands! He looks like he is smiling, lol :D

So Egor is doing much better. Today he took a yogie from me, which is a big step because he used to not even eat infront of me. I can pick him up and hold him and he stays pretty calm. His tail is healing up nicely, now his swollen leg is the big worry. Saturday is the vet appointment, he will get examined and neutered. :) I will also be getting Harlan blocks!
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Thank you! :D The picture doesn't show how SMALL he is though. He is like the size of a female, but I don't think he's that young. I believe its because he had a very poor diet.

He is at the vet right now, getting all fixed up. When he comes home I'm gonna give him some baby food I picked up. hehe.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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