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emergency ! mom ignoring pups

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my hairless girl just gave birth to her first (accidental) litter about four hours ago. directly after giving birth she left the nest and slept a lot. i figured it was normal and left her alone to recover and come to her senses to nurse her babies. but at the three hour mark i started to get worried. mom is eating and drinking fine but she has no interest in her babies. i tried putting her in the nest to smell them and realize she needed to care for them but she walked right out and has absolutely no interest in them. the babies are barely clean and some of them still had their umbilical cord attached and none of them have milk bands. should i wait a couple more hours for her to come around or do i need to prepare to hand feed them ?
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Omg, so precious!! Congrats on your babes doing so well 💕 🐭
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