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i've called every emergency vet in the region and they lead me nowhere, they dont' take exotics or they give me a phone thats disconnected
my rat grace seems to be choking, shes got vomit around the mouth and is making gagging noises..i can't seem to open her mouth and i'm just really really scared...
if anyone can help me, i can give you my phone number or AIM me at hydra713
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Choking is very scary, but actually happens a lot.

Let her work it out, the gagging and retching is her trying to shift the item thats stuck.

They can take hours or just 1/2 an hour. Only if she's been choking for more than 5 hours should you run her to a vet. The only other thing to know is IF she stops breathing (very very rare in choke) you could perform the Ratty Fling (google it) to try to start her breathing again. DO NOT do this if she IS breathing as it could lodge the item and kill her. :(
Choking is hard on the rat and the owner at the time its occuring. Most times the owner is the one who is more frazzled once its over. :p I stayed up all night once with my girl...she was fine in the morning, I was exhausted at work. :roll:
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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