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Entertaining Rats.....

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Last night we gave Murry, Molly, and Macy two unfinished Corn On The Cobs. They loves them. We laughed so hard watching them hall the cobs around, and try to steal them from one another.

What else can we give my girls to provide such excellent entertainment?
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"Corn on the Cob" is Gus' favorite! I'll try to get a picture of him with his corn, someday. The really funny thing is what the corn cob looks like when he's done with it...he eats every last little tiny bit of corn possible! :lol:

A friend built me a little "Teeter totter" for my rat, out of a length of wood, and one of those big cardboard tubes that they sell at pet stores. We call it the "Sweeter-Totter," because sometimes I will put a sweetie at the top end.

Both Gregor and Gus figured out that they don't actually have to walk on the teeter totter to get the treat...they just reach up, and pull the high part down to their level, and collect the sweetie! :lol:
Gus stole a pair of my silk panties to use in his "nest." I've changed his house a few times since then, and so far, no holes in the panties! :)
No kidding! This rat has pricey tastes!

Still, what am I gonna do, tell him, "no, you can't have them?" It's not like they are my only pair...

As you can probably tell, Gus runs my world. ;)
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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