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Everything red and puffy! Please help :-(

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Hi, sorry I haven't introduced myself yet, but I have a problem with one of my rats that I really need help with.
One of them is about 3 years 1month old. She has lost the use of her back legs a little, and even though she is still very mobile, she sort of drags them around. What is worrying me now though is that her hands, ears, nose, and feet have all gone red and puffy. My mum thinks this is heart failure. She's had it for over a week. I'm getting a vet appointment asap, but is the vet going to say she needs putting down? Or is there somethng I can give her medicine-wise?
Thank you in advance.
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Im not sure you can give her anything medicine wise without a diagnosis. You could also ask the vet to try a course of treatment rather than put down... sorry cant help more and healing scritches to you little one
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