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My former friend for various reasons gave me her two rats that are in terrible condition and absolutely infested with fleas/lice. The one is an absolute bloody mess. On Monday I took them home and bathed them in dawn and then sprayed them with 8 in 1 small animal flea and tick spray. I repeated the process yesterday but I also shaved them with a clipper (except their heads and other sensitive areas). My only question is how long do I have to repeat this process. They absolutely hate it and I want to put them in their nice big cage instead of the tiny one I'm keeping in the bathtub.
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Unfortunately, that spray won't do anything.
Well it will if they are fleas, and only fleas. The treatment then is every 7 days for four weeks, but you have to be careful as it can be toxic.
If the rats have fleas, they have likely jumped on you and will be biting you too. Fleas aren't species specific like mites and lice.
Are the bugs moving? Fleas JUMP, really high. Lice move, but slowly.
If you have fleas, you're going to have to keep everything in your house washed and cleaned. It can take months of vacuuming and washing everything to get rid of them. You have to treat any other animals you have, too.

If you have lice, you need Ivermectin or Selamectin / Revolution.
Revolution is a one time treatment. Ivermectin is given over 3-4 weeks and also carries a risk of toxicity.
Idk which. The spray has pyrethrin which is what all the lice medicine had so I just got the flea one. Human lice are killed with pyrethrin too so I figured it would work. This is just such a disaster because I don't have the money for this and my friend totally screwed me over but I couldn't leave them there for he to let them suffer and die. How much is revolution? I'm scare to know.
You have to get it from a vet and they likely wont give it to you without a visit, so probably $80-$100 all in.
Really? They sell it at my petco. I just asked them. We must live in a different state with different regulations. Do you think it would be okay for me to use the kitten advantage shampoo on my ratties?
Advantage and sentry are both drastically cheaper than revolution. Would they work? I know frontline is toxic for them but apparently sentry and advantage are safe but will they work?
Or you can get it online from New Zealand for about 45$ for 3 packs.
It can take up to two weeks to get to you, though.
You can call and ask a vet about it. Some vets are cool about it and will sell you a pack for a 20$ or so. Or ask around and see if anyone has an extra tube on them you can buy. It's used for dogs/cats so you might be able to find someone with it.

Ivermectin is cheaper, and you can get it locally. It can be dangerous and it takes a longer amount of time to fully work, but as long as you are careful with dosing, you can use it.
http://www.drsfostersmith.com/product/prod_display.cfm?c=15498+15506+16121&pcatid=16121 it's about 8$ with shipping, and if you have a local farm store they may have it there.
The danger part comes from overdosing.
Dosing of the 1.87% paste is such:
> For a rat one pound or over, give orally a piece of paste the size of one UNCOOKED grain of rice, once every seven days for three weeks.
> For a rat under one pound, give orally a piece of paste half the size of one UNCOOKED grain of rice, once every seven days for three weeks.
You also have to do a very thorough scrub down of the cage once a week.
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Since you think you have lice, you can try the Advantage. You have to get the orange box, labeled for kittens though. You need spot on treatment, not shampoo. The stuff that is ONLY Imidacloprid and nothing else in it.

Many pet stores ~sell~ Revolution, but will only sell it to you with a vet prescription.

Does Sentry treat anything besides fleas?

Honestly, now that I did some Googling, I don't think they sell the kind of Advantage that is safe for rats anymore...
Advantage II is not safe.
I've gonna try the advantage. I'll post later how it worked cus their fur is so short now lol. I gave them a buzzcut in my panic.
Did you find one with only Imidacloprid and not pyriproxyfen ?
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