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I have had one of my rats for about 3 months now. She was pet shop bought and is quite small is comparison to my other breeder bought ones.

Over the last few days she has had loads of porphyrin around her left eye which I have been wiping away. It also looks like the area around her eye and towards her mouth could be slightly swollen but again that could be me being paranoid?

She hasn't usually been like this and it is very specific to one eye. She's also seemed quite quiet over the last few days. She's built a new bedding area and seems to keep herself to herself a lot more. I have some Baytril at home so was wondering whether you thought it might be an idea to start her on this and see if she improves at all over the next few days?

Nothing has changed in the cage or environment so can't think of any obvious stimulus for this to occur?

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
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