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Fat Lumps?

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This might be a dumb question, but can rats have fat lumps? Or fat balls?
My albino Pearl who had a mammory tumor under her right arm had surgery to remove it, and healed well. I've noticed there is another lump of some sort forming on the other side, and when I go to feel it, it's not connected by a stalk or anything (which the vet had told me is a sign of a tumor).

Any advice for the worried rat mommy? I haven't called my vet about it yet, and it doesn't seem to have grown - the mammory tumor definitely grew quick but I got her the surgery pretty early cause I didn't wait for it to grow any larger.
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Could be a cyst. A fine needle aspiration by the vet is the only sure way to tell.
I'd agree with the other poster, it could be a cyst. Just keep an eye on it and take action if it gets worse, could be nothing to worry about, could go away on its own.
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