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Fawn & Greta have a new home

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It arrived yesterday and we set It up! Greta has been bouncing off walls checking everything out. Fawn Is more cautious and slowly checking it out.

Any suggestions on what to do to make it even better for them?

HA you said I couldn't get on top of the water bottle! Yes I can! (Greta)

Greta- look at me go!

We were cracking up as Greta can climb up but once she gets up on the side of the cage she hasn't figured out how to climb down so she climbs sideways until she reaches a shelf to jump on.
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Aw, what a lovely home for them both! I had to double take at that last picture. I thought Greate had laid some eggs! o_O
I just got the same cage as you this week too!

I love the fleece pattern you chose. Super cute!

Maybe take some leftover fleece and make like a braided rope for them to climb on? I went on Pinterest and searched up "critter nation set up" and I got lots of ideas from there too.

The dollar store has a lot of nice inexpensive things you could use also. Like little buckets and stuff like that.
Ha Ha Ha they are tossing those balls around. Super funny!

Thanks! great idea!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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