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Mark your calenders Southern California:

The California Association of Rat Enthusiasts
(CARE) is hosting their 2nd pet show on February 23, 2008 in San Marino.

This is a fun event to:
Meet fellow rat lovers
Show off your ratties
Win prizes
Play rat games
Find a rat companion (some ratties may be available for adoption)
Sell rat-related items
Eat rat food... No... human food

Classes include, but are not limited to:
Best Agouti
Mug only a mother could love
Best Trick
Best Costume
Prettiest Points

Everyone is welcome to attend!!!
Information is available at http://careratclub.com

If you are interested in visiting please fill out visitor form on the website. This helps us keep track of interest.
If you have any questions please email [email protected]

Last show we had over 75 visitors. We would love to see you there!!

*Anyone interested in donating raffle prizes or other prizes is welcome to do so.
*Only rats registered to show will be allowed on premises. Please observe quarantine requirements when entering your rats to show. Quarantine is three weeks prior to the show, no rats in or out.*

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Re: February 23 Pet Rat Show in So California: CARE


The show is coming up this week for So Cal residents. Deadline to register your rats to show in fun classes and win ribbons and prizes is February 20, 2008.

There will also be a raffle for a Coast Cage Rat Mansion (Black). The tickets are $3 each. Imagine getting a complete cage with supplies for $3. There are many other prizes and fun games.

See you there. Go to the website to learn more http://careratclub.com

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Re: February 23 Pet Rat Show in So California: Hosted by CAR

OMG! that sounds so fun!!! I have always wanted that Black Coast Cage it's so awesome! :D And San Marino is only about 1 hour 38 mins I actually might be able to go! :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: Now I just gotta get my boyfriend to want to go.
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