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I posted in another thread asking about the all living things version of the DCN, and for only $50 I decided I couldn't turn it down. I adopted two female rats today, and got almost an entire setup for $150, including that cage! The only thing I really NEED is a set of fleece liners, and I'm going to get a nice set of hammocks, too. I can't believe I was able to get the cage for $150, let alone everything else.

Here is a list of everything I got today. Some of it was gently used, some of it brand new. Not everything on the list will actually get used, but the vast majority of it will be used for either my new rats or my hamster.

2 rats
All living things multi-level small animal cage
2 large igloos
wood blocks, wood chew sticks, a lava chew
2 ramp covers
large piece of fabric, which looks like some sort of cotton batting or low quality fleece - I'm using it until I can get fleece liners later this week
5 food bowls
plastic water bottle
2 glass water bottles
carrier with bars and a plastic pan
2 scatterless corner litter trays
square litter tray
12" comfort wheel
treat roller toy
hanging veggie basket
large exercise ball, which I might try to hang in the cage
wood chain/ladder parrot toy
2 plastic chain bird toys
2 litter scoops (probably won't use these)
bottle of cage cleaner (might use it if it works)
bird ladder with textured rungs
6.5" mesh wheel (trash)
multivitamin drops (probably won't use these)
bag of regal rat food
small bag aspen bedding
small bag of pelleted paper cat litter
small bag carefresh natural
bag of carefresh litter plus
3 crittertrail bedding trays (Probably will use the bedding out of these but not the trays)
4 bags small animal treats
large plastic storage tote
and a metal stand meant to hold a dog food bowl that I think I can make a cool toy out of

;D I'm so excited! I'll try to get a picture of it once I'm done getting it completely set up.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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