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So I'm finally getting a Ferret Nation. As much as I love My home-made cage that my brother and I built it's getting a little slimy where the water bottle leaks. (A Water Buddy Is on it's way.)
Also in keeping the cage pushed up against the wall I forgot to clean the back side of the cage as religiously as I clean the rest of the cage. We pulled the cage forward so we could paint the base board trim of the wall and whoo, let me tell you the back side of that cage was not a pretty sight. (I know, I know, Bad me!!!) So I dipped into my computer fund and ordered a Ferret Nation.
Until it gets here my boys will have to live in Sam's old Super Pet Deluxe because I don't really want them in that cold wet slimy mess.
Urg... I'm so ashamed of myself, how could I forget the back?!?! I spot clean their cage practically every time I walk by it with a thorough cleaning twice a week!!!
I'm not even gonna get into how much of a pain in the ass this it's going to be to to dismantle the cage. And I always hated cleaning the Super Pet, this is such a pain.

On the plus side I'm Getting A Ferret Nation!!! I'll post pictures once I get it up and decorated.
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