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I've not been on this site long so I'm sure there has been one of these before, or maybe already is (if so, just let this one die!)
But I thought it would be fun to post our ratties' names (current, former, and ones saved for future use), and the inspiration for them.

Dagny - a character from a book, Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. Let me explain--my husband HATES Ayn Rand, so he named our rat after a character, Dagny, who is supposed to be an ultrafeminine, beautiful "True Woman" figure. Blech! Husband thought it was funny to name a rat after such a character, and that it would piss off old Ayn. (we're feminists in case you can't tell)
Luna - we thought she was pregnant when we got her, and the moon is a mothering symbol
Mango - honestly just thought it sounded cute.
Fox - Mulder from the x-files :3, and to match the name of our python, Scully.
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