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I thought today would never come! I have been anticipating adopting my ratties for awhile. Went to Twisted Whiskers Rattery with the family with plans to adopt two baby girls only to come home with 3 boys! A 3 mth old dumbo hooded mink we named Andy, a 2 month old dumbo rex dalmation we named Opie, and a 5 wk old hairless we named Squiggy! She had so many beautiful rats it was hard to choose. But I went with what I felt seemed more laid back.

So far so good. Everyone seems to be adjusting well. Even though I have read it is best to leave them be when they get home, these boys are pretty affectionate and socialized. So we took them out for some bonding time tonight and learned quickly that before doing so have paper towels handy for the 'accidents.' Let me just say too that their poop most definitely stinks! They don't have diarrhea but it is a lot softer in texture than my guinea pigs and rabbits. What should rat poop look like? Theirs had a decent shape, medium brown color but a tad mushy when picked up. Sorry for the details! LOL

They also 'sneezed' a lot. Or sniffed. I don' see any discharge and they all appeared healthy and happy at her rattery. Is it that bruxing or is that something else? I read somewhere they may sneeze when stressed or in a new environment. I use fleece bedding so I know that isn't causing it. If it continues or seems worse I will take them for a check up. I heard them make those sounds there and she said it was normal.

But they are not shy about eating and have been curious about their new cage. They get bursts of hyperness then fall back to sleep while cuddling with each other. Andy my oldest is definitely a cuddle boy! He got quite comfortable with us laying on the couch. He loved being petted! So sweet! The other two are a bit more active but did eventually settle down for some cuddles and pets on the couch. Will definitely enjoy them! Working on litter training now, and plan to try and teach them some tricks when the get better adjusted.
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