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finding a breeder??

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I've been looking for breeders around the area for some time now, but haven't had any luck. I live in the buffalo, new york area. There was a breeder I found for this location, and I've emailed both ladies from there twice with no response, and there site is down too. But I can't find anywhere in new york that's still breeding (except in NYC, which I am not driving to), but I'm willing to drive a bit to pick one up.. If anyone knows anywhere or a better way to find them, please let me know.

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Which ratteries have you contacted? Have you gone through the links on Ratster.com ?

Try contacting Great Pets Rattery and Rescue. http://www.citlink.net/~sheree/ I've never dealt with them, so I don't know if they breed the right way or not. You can look ove rthe website and see what you think.

What places could you drive to, particularly states? I could probably find you some babies available in that area, but they might be rescues instead of pedigreed babies.
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