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I really don't know what to do. I'm not very knowledgeable about this. I really need some help.
I put rose water on all of them and put one at a time in the tub with Godfrey. Neither Razumikhin ("Ratzu") or Raskolnikov ("Rodka") fought with him. They didn't even box. They sniffed each other a lot and I sensed some rattie-tension, but they mostly were focused on how to get out. Then I put them all in together and it was still fine.
Probably a big mistake that I only just realized typing this out: I put them all on the bed together afterwards with Godfrey's smaller cage on it. Ratzu just went off and did his own thing but Godfrey and Rodka fought in the cage. It got more aggressive the longer it went on. At first it was just holding the other down and sniffing roughly. Then they started fighting (I'm not even sure when this happened exactly) and Rodka's eye got all bloody :( I feel very bad.
Also, Ratzu fell on the floor for a minute and squealed like **** when I picked him up. I feel like I've just made the new boys dislike me more! I let them keep fighting because I read not to take them apart until they drew blood but I didn't even realize what happened to Rodka's eye.
I saw Rodka humping Ratzu last night and I looked it up and saw he was being dominant, so it makes sense that Godfrey and Ratzu didn't even fight since he was already obviously the beta.
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