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Hi guys!
I don't have rats yet, but I've just finished setting up my cage (mostly, I don't have a main litter tray for the base yet but that's the only thing missing) and I wanted to ask for some opinions!
Please let me know how I can improve.
Thats a great set up! The only minor thing I would do is add some nesting materials for the ratties to dig through. I tear strips of packing paper insead of newspaper (since my area still uses toxic ink, your area may be different.),throw it in the cage and your rats will go crazy dragging it to their favorite hiding spots to make a big ol' rat nest. 😁

Of course, they may take a while to get comfortable in their new surroundings so you will probably not see them do this right off the bat, but it will definitely make them feel a little more secure coming out in the open if they have some cover to crawl through.

I'm so excited for you! 🐭
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