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what if i'm more looking for large litters, quick recovery time from nursing, as many litters as possible and making the babies get as big as possible as quickly as possible? so if them getting fat or something is a side effect, that's cool, i just want to streamline the whole production process and maybe make them more nutritious if possible. basically now, mine get some high protein dog food, lab blocks, calcium supplements, bananas, apples, whatever vegetables are th cheapest on any given day, and table scraps....the lab blocks and dog food are the primary staples, is there naything you could recommend to get the results i am looking for?
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sorry, that was supposed to be a reply to my last post
trust me, there is absolutely no danger to the snakes at all, i haven't ever even seen a rat last for a minute, literally, and i feed them all at once, often a few rats at a time, so they are all very carefully monitored i am a very responsible pet owner and would never do anything to harm my snakes, so thetraditional problem with live feeding has no bearing here. as far as frozen, the are a few issues, first off they slowly lose their nutritional value while in the freezer, and i have no control over what they eat (although they are usually fed a healthy diet, i want to strictly monitor what the feeder eat, just for my own piece of mind). also, i breed ball pythons and most babies will not imprint on frozen food no matter what you do to it. and finally, the whole process of thawing and warming that many rats that often (not to mention the freezer space) actually makes the process of breeding rats seem like nothing in comparison, trust me, i used to be all on the frozen bandwagon myself, but then i spoke to several of the larger snake breeders and it just becomes infeasibale at some level. as far as cruelty, there is nothing cruel about it and my snakes are given nothing but the best of care anyone who says otherwise doesn't have any idea what they are talking about.
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