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what if i'm more looking for large litters, quick recovery time from nursing, as many litters as possible and making the babies get as big as possible as quickly as possible? so if them getting fat or something is a side effect, that's cool, i just want to streamline the whole production process and maybe make them more nutritious if possible. basically now, mine get some high protein dog food, lab blocks, calcium supplements, bananas, apples, whatever vegetables are th cheapest on any given day, and table scraps....the lab blocks and dog food are the primary staples, is there naything you could recommend to get the results i am looking for?
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The feeding of live prey is illegal in most countries. :) Its in the Animal Protection Act
Amelia, it is illegal in most countries (and I know it is in parts of the USA). Ask around at your local animal shelters for the Animal Protections Act - it should be in there :)
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