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Food & cage questions

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Hi again,I knew I had something else to Ask! I've been doing my reading to learn as much as possible about how to properly care for my new fur-babies.All sites say fruit & veggies daily, but the ASPCA site says no corn. Now, I have two different kinds of rat food & both have corn in them!! Is this true - no corn?? What foods do you recommend - bare in mind I'm in a very small town in rural Ontario, Canada. It's 1 1/2 hrs to the closest Petsmart, so I'll likely be buying online!Also, I have the "All Living Things Rat Starter Home" (28" L x 17.5" W x 30" H), it has water bottle, 2 hide-away homes, 3 levels, excersaucer, hammock & 2 feeding stations. Is this big enough for my 2 boys? If in the future we get another boy would I need to upgrade or do you think it's big enough for 3?Thanks!
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Hey again! Promise I'm not stalking you. :p

I live in Canada, Ontario as well! :D

All Living Things Rat Starter Kit should be decent for 3 rats. But bigger is always better, especially when your rat buddies grow in size.
Depending on your price range, The All Living things Double Level is ideal. Last time I checked it was on sale at PetSmart for like $130ish bucks.

Cooked corn is perfectly fine to feed your rats, just in moderation.
Dry corn is not okay.

I feed my rats Oxbow Adult rat food as their main source of diet (this is the best lab block out there in our area as of right now), but you may be better off making your own rattie recipe as you live fairly far away from a PetSmart.

Suebee's Rat Recipe is well-liked.

Here's a link if you're interested!:


xD I don't really like to cook, so I just stick with the Lab blocks so I know they're getting the appropriate diet.

Oh, and! From personal experience I found that my boys LOVE Green grapes (I give them a grape once a day). Grapes actually prevent cancer in rats.. The purple grapes are better for this, but my boys don't like them, they're too bitter. Haha.
I also give them Non-fat Greek Yogurt, Raw Honey and Chia seeds from time to time. This prevents diarrhea and diabetes. You can also dip your finger in it and allow your rats to lick it off of you as a form of trust training. My boys love this too.. They're also a sucker for cheerios. :)
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My boys adore cheerio's too! So far it's their favourite!!
My boys adore cheerio's too! So far it's their favourite!!
Yeah! My boys LOVE Cheerios! ^___^ They go mental. Hahaha.
Quick question regarding dried corn. I feed my girls teklad blocks and supplement with mostly healthy foods. I don't give them dried corn that is pet grade, but what about organic, non gmo unsalted freeze dried corn that is made for people. I found this at the market and thought that they would like it. Opinions? Thoughts on edamame?
We have the Rat Starter Home now. Lovely cage IMHO...the first one was from the Dr's Foster and Smith catalog and they gnawed right through the base. As far as food, from what I understand rats are omnivores. I make my own nightly mix. A handful of standard rodent mix, handful of dry cat food, handful of dog kibble. Then I get creative for variety-frozen veggies or fresh including corn niblets, shredded cheese, human cereal, unsalted peanuts or sunflower seeds. There are seven rats and I rotate the additions. They aren't fat, but we got some Big rats. so apparently we're doing something right.
Human-grade corn is fine.
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