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Found small bump?

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Hi everyone! So just a few minutes ago, I decided to bathe my rats. This isn't something I do super often, but I'm sort of glad I did tonight. While I was washing one of my two rats, I noticed that there was an area on her side where the hair was a little thinner. I also saw what at first looked like a cut, but upon closer inspection, it realized it was a teeny tiny little bump. It looks like a wart or a skin tag of some type. She isn't acting sick and it didn't seem to hurt her at all. I was just wondering if this is something i should be worried about. ???
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Considering she isn't acting any differently and the lump is small, it's likely to be a skin tag, as you suggested. However I would still observe the rat for a few days and seek veterinary attention if the problem worsens.
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