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free rome?

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Id like to allow my girls to free roam everynight for a few hours. Can I get some advice on the best way to start this? I just let them on the floor and just keep on running back to the couch and jumping on it to hang with me. :lol:
Here I am giving them all this freedom, and they would rather :lol: walk on my laoptop.. THAT last LOL was actually typed by my rat "baby"! Pretty funny..
I think they are so used to running on the couch with me sitting here that the floor is just weird to them. BUT> I am washing my couch TOO much. Putting a large blanket on it does not help as they just get under it anyway!
Hmm I am kind of getting sick of being peed on.. ha .. I know they love me , but do they HAVE to ALWAYS MARK me? :!: fffffffffff LOL that was Baby typing again! all the fffffff's.. she is too funny! GOD I just love my ratties
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I let them hang out in the third bedroom. But they will always try to type.

Secretly I think they want their own usernames.
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