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Free time destruction

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I'm new to rats, had my two girls for almost two months now and I really need to ask some questions! I try and let them out for at least an hour every day and I rent and share a bathroom so the only place they can have free time is in my room with me. this would be totally fine because I bought a gate/cage to block them from getting into potentially dangerous stuff but they are doing their best to destroy my room.

they are tearing holes in my carpet, peeing all over said carpet and the walls for some reason and chewing on and digging in the few plants they can reach. I've tried giving them all sorts of chew toys ( blocks soaked in juice, hard foods, cardboard, fabric even) but nothing has stopped them from going for the carpet.

Im trying to switch to using the cage for their free time but after having a while room to run around in it seems a little sad and they keep trying to get out. does anyone have any suggestions about what to do?? I'd like to give them the most space I can but I can't have them destroying stuff.
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I've also had some pretty destructive rats in the past so I don't allow my rats to free roam at all. I keep a rat safe walled-off play area for my boys.

Some people cover their bed with an old blanket or sheet and use that for playtime. You can set up all kinds of boxes and stuff for them to climb on your bed. Another option would be some sort of playpen. You can make playpen walls out of stuff like cardboard or coroplast or you can purchase a [manufactured playpen]. For playpen walls, I recommend at least 28" tall.
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You could buy a big towel or blanket for pretty cheap, and then cover the floor.
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