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OK how about a little photo show huh? there will be 4 categories and the dead line is Feb 25th it will go 1st through 3rd places!!
Please specify which category you have entered. You can enter one picture in more than one category.

1. Lovey Dovy

2. Cutest

3. most rats in single picture

4. funnies

Just add the pictures onto this post the judges will be my boyfriend & I

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look in the hut. "mo~oom! tell them i was here first!"

look in the green hut. "moo~oom! she's sitting on me aaagain!"


there's 13 but if you need to be able to count them yourselves (not sure you can see all 13) by second entry is

there's 7


two to a nest

"i'm the baby! gotta love me!"
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