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I like to make birdy bread for our conure. which is of course great for the rats as well.

I'm lazy about the whole thing, so I take a corn bread mix and then add stuff-

For egg I use the whole thing, shell and all.

I don't add oil-instead I use either milk (quinoa, soy, rice, almond, coconut, whatever I have on hand) or applesauce. (unsweetened and no other junk in it)

Finely chopped veggies, fruits and seeds. (I leave out hot peppers for the rats, they hate those ) You can use baby vegie and fruit baby foods as well.

Mix it all together cook according to box.

Tasty healthy treat everyone loves here (not so much the humans, unless I leave out the eggshells). The bird and ratties love it and the dogs sit in wait for crumbs to drop.

You can get creative with it and put whatever you think your kids might like or would be healthy for them in their diet. You can even grind up some of their pellets into it.
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