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Gash on rats leg

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One of my rats, Pickle, had a crazy mood swing and attacked my other rat. They do fight often, but tiny scraps that are over quickly and neither is ever really hurt. Today however, Pickle took a chunk out of my other rat's, Twitch, leg. Neither of my rats had ever bitten a person until a few week ago, when Pickle had another strange mood swing and bit me and their other owner. We took him to the vet as his behaviour was so odd, but by the time we got there (4 hours after the insident) he'd calmed down. The vet couldn't tell what was wrong, other than perhaps it was a seizure. He's been fine since then until tonight when he went for Twitch and bit me and refused to let go. While I'm worried about what could be wrong with Pickle, right now I'm most worried about Twitch's leg. He can move and use it fine, doesn't even see to be bothering him, but it looks very deep, so was looking on advice as to what to do? I've included a picture of Twitch's injury. Both my rats are about a year and a half old
Thanks all


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Very strange about the mood swings and biting, especially since they are mature. Keep a close eye on Pickle, he may be in pain from a medical issue. Twitch's wound is pretty savage but do a regular saline treatment and it should heal quickly.
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