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Genesis' first day as a rat ambassador

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As you know, I lost my beloved best friend, Algernon, the other day. So, I brought Genesis to work (Hair salon) instead. (At least six people cried when they heard the news of Algies passing)

This one little boy was waiting for his haircut and wanted to pet Genesis badly. I let him pet her and hold her. When it was time for his haircut and he had to put Genny down, He was kicking, screaming and crying. The only way to get the kid to sit still was when his grandma showed him a video of Genesis. I'd say Genesis was the perfect rattie ambassador.

Genesis sat on my shoulder and napped on the bike seat just like Algernon used to. Im so proud of her.


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I'm so sorry for your loss, but it looks like Genesis is doing great. She's a very sweet looking rat.
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