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2 little boys reserved in 3 months!
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Turns out, we are traveling in the summer, and I will only be able to get my rats until august! Good news is, I saw this post on a rat rescue 1h away from me! It broke my heart! I messaged the owner! She said I could get in for about the babies at 4 weeks (personalaity, color, etc) and I could be the first to reserve them and have her hold them untill august! Her rescue is SWARMED with pets, she has over 50+ rats, and only rehomes a few every week, and is worried, because she has no idea how to find homes for 19 babies! I also asked if I could refund her for the rats stay (food, bedding, toys, etc). She happily agreed! I鈥檓 also gonna make a donatio and maybe buy some Amazon toys for all the babies for her!
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