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Almost a month ago I got 2 baby rats from a pet store. Unfortunately one of them was really sick and didn't show symptoms until I actually had her home for a few days so I ended up taking her back after trying to help her get better for a few weeks.

The other one (Beatrice) is doing great. She's coping well but I can tell she's kind of lonely. So I decided to wait a few days after I brought back the sick rat before getting her another cage mate. And today is the day!

I'm really nervous to have another similar experience because it's pet store rats. Unfortunately I don't know of any breeders in my area.

I will be doing quarantine for 2 weeks in a totally separate room so nothing can be passed to Beatrice if there happens to be anything.

I'm sorry if this is kind of long, I just wanted to share that, as well as ask if this has happened to any of you before also?
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