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Getting back into rat keeping

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Hi everyone. I'm getting back into rat keeping after taking a 12 year (!) break. My old cages and supplies are long gone, so I'm having fun splurging on brand new things while I check out ratteries and jot down name ideas. I'll hopefully have some actual rats to share on Rat Forum in the not too distant future. :)
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Hello Morally and welcome! :) I, too, am getting back into the rat world. :)

Whereabouts do you live? Perhaps people in that area may be able to recommend some ratteries. :)
Hi there! I'm connected with quite a few ratteries, so I can help point you in the correct direction if you need help. Welcome~
Hello :) I'm in much the same position as you- no rats yet, but soon! It's a very exciting time.
My position as well...i'm spoiling animals that I don't even have yet! :)
Congrats on comming back to ratties, they're so much fun :)
Yes it's good to be back isn't it? I took a really long break too. :)
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